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DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

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POST Bulletin week One [Sep. 18th, 2005|04:51 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...


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Hey guys I have decided to chide all of my comments in respect with any posts in the yahoo group (YG) here... so anything you wanna know about my reactions I will post VIA ELCHAY or through my personal journal if you wanna know whats been going on lately with my life I will just post strictly notices in the YG if I have comments posted here. this is in clear retrospect to the obscure non-compliance of the move to ELCHAY... so be it I would just contain myself here till people start to join me in this solace... OK let's start the ball rolling...

I have just made sexymame (please guess who) and hope_jamero (also guess who again) to be with me as maintainers of this group slash community journal... now they have the power to change the layout of the journal and so many stuff if they start to mange how...

I would also like to commend the efforts of JOYCE who commented here... thanks alot for the support and I am truly grateful for you have appreciated my endeavors and have seen my goals with a true eye... seeing the truth is far more compliant than silence, inadverse paramour to willingness thus giving me a lumin of significant light... thanks JOYCE hope to see your membership signed in here soon so you can comment with identity soon...

Hey Bons I got your comment on my personal journal and thanks a bunch for looking it up... may you also have the courage to sign in and explore there is nothing to loose bai...THANK YOU...

GIRLS  for your havaianas please message me on the exact size you use for sandals since it differs from the ones you use for show sizes... please indicate whether they are US or EUROPE sizes... thanks you... looked up some pairs last weekend and they are running out of pairs and that they won't order anymore so I might not get the preferred colors but will do my best to do so... ey for JOYCE and HOPE you guys really have those big feet? I cannot imagine you have gigantic feet that will surely take our friendship to a new level... for ANIK there are lots of small sizes available still... so please update me on your exact sizes will you do with size 3s 4s or 5s? And what are estampadas I dont know what they look like because the internet loads it so damn slow... the fashion styles are quite heavy ha... takong galore heaviness... OK that's it oh better still email me foot stamp prints of your feet to be exact and scan them at 100% scaling... ALPHA you can do this bai... hehehe...

Goodluck to the BARRISTERS and Bons they are not making coffee to be lawyers so as not to call them BARRISTAS its actually BARRISTERS...so GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!!!

Been going to the gym this week and its fun fun fun... more gym to come soon... and Chris Desperate Housewives starts to air here tomorrow so I will start watching it and get hooked on the show like you and Bons... ey Bons hottie si Jesse Metcalf noh? Ey Anik how did you know sex lang habol ni bombay... if that's the case ako nalang haha JOKE...

Guys I have a post of what I did last weekend if you wanna check out the pics...


That's it... EY Chris the pics PLEASE... will chat with you tomorrow, Bons chat tah again... and pips if you can manage try YM... Janis yup single is so fun I should know, take not of my music MJ Man in The Mirror!!!! WAAAAH... yup sama ako hanap ng MDs with you and Bons... Chris how is SEAN? Thats it guys nice to those who posted here and let their thoughts run through the online mailing list... mwah mwah mwah







From: (Anonymous)
2005-09-19 05:02 am (UTC)

martial law

bing,you don't give up, do you?

IT'S like martial law in here, we won't get to know what's happening to your life if we don't join or read through your elchay notes.

well, guess i can spare a comment or two, since the boss is not yet here...

for my haviannas, i'm a size 5 1/2 for Philippine sandals, don't know what size is that in US or europe.

I know Mr. Bombay is for sex only... I can feel it, and we talked about it. hahahaha. he understands that I'm not that kind of girl and he respects that. And we're still friends, so i guess that makes him a perfect gentleman. = )

i'll post my msg for the other pips in YG na lang...

Misyu..mwah mwah
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From: sexymame
2005-09-20 04:21 am (UTC)

Re: martial law

Hey nik, congrats for being able to finally make a comment on bing's much requested elchay threading!
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[User Picture]From: _dbeachbumm
2005-09-20 06:29 am (UTC)

Re: martial law

oh yes we're threading na...
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[User Picture]From: _dbeachbumm
2005-09-20 06:30 am (UTC)

Re: martial law

anik you're so gorgeous just for posting this hahaha... how was the PAO exams... naa na resulta? hopelessly insane ba nag case? ehhehee
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