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Blog Continued... [Aug. 23rd, 2005|01:37 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |stranger in paradise - sarah brightman]

This is actually a continuation of my post yesteday. I started writing it down and wasn't really able to write it good and actually finishing it because I was so hard on work yesterday so all I did was cut it off when I was to go home already. So to start of work is crazy for the past two weeks. I have loads of work to do and I haggle like two projects every single day and not to mention the clients demanding instant submissions. Work is hell and tiresome, I get to have overtime almost four days in my six day work week. That includes working on weekends. But work is still okay. I just got really pissed yesterday about people making all the usual complaints about the office. Please lang if ayaw na nila dito please mag-resign na sila pronto! Instead of complain a whole lot they should put their energies to the work right in front of their faces. So there I promised myself three lines of angst for this entry.

So last weekend I had friday brunch buffet. It was really cheap for about 600 pesos I get to eat from 11am to 3pm. I was barfed. I had a whole load of breakfast like pork bacon, pork sausage, poached egg, salad - russian, salmon potato, chef's, then hash browns, chicken shapes, fish sticks. Then I had ham, sausage omellete, they have an omelette station! Then I had waffle from the waffle and crepe  station, I stuffed it with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and strawberry filling! They have a variety of filings - strawberry, peach, cherry and orange. Then I had tom yum soup before I get lunch. Then for lunch I had pork and beef roast, chicken curry and fish fillet. For dessert! I had a strawberry cheesecake, orange torte and a mango tart. They have a lot of dessert maybe I will post some pics from that buffet. I even skipped pizza and pasta from the Italian counter and stir fried vegetables from the Thai corner. Grabe I was so busog as in.

Then I mentioned yesterday of not coming home for awhile. Maybe this would really just let go of my hopes of finding a future there. Just play the game as it is dealt with me, I have to explore unchartered teritories and if fate will have her way then I will find someone from home, hopefully. But this decision just makes me not bet on fate too much. being single sometimes sucks especially when you are 27!

Well as for the party I wanna taste some of Aileen's chicken curry because people have been raving about it. I am so tamad to write in my personal journal and I just did this because my entry yesterday was bitin and this thought of writing about work and last weekend's buffet was slipping out of my head. Hope you guys read up on this and check out our ELCHAY site once in a while. Please do make posts here like Chris and Hope. Thanks guys. Blog hop etc...

Will have to make that ELCHAY101 post soon...

So on to other stuff, the other night I watched MY SASSY GIRL which was my most beloved Korean romantic movie. I love this film! You should try to watch it guys.



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a day at work... [Aug. 22nd, 2005|04:39 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |highhigh]
[music |a change in me - susan egan (from Beauty and the Beast)]

Hi mga bai... well I wanted to tell about a lot of stuff. First of all it is a Monday and its like hell for you. For me its like midweek already hehe. Sometimes in life we have to see the brighter side diba? Sometimes din life feels like an endless party then one moment it feels like shit, or you are all well and gliding then you fall ass on the floor, or you feel shitty then sun shines bright on your face, like what I feel right now I felt damn prepped up and crushed earlier now I am up and happy, life kasi brings unusual surprises, just the little itsy bitsy stuff that you find amusing that makes life a little bit sunnier. I also thought of not coming home for awhile. I just got my one year contract and I feel like I should be moving on. I plan to go somewhere instead of home after a year have lapsed. It may be awhile for us to meet again but we will always be friends and then we will see if will just stick together, change, drift apart or as if nothing has changed. Who knows really. I was reading the post about the party and good thing that it was such a blast. Now some more things are in the pipeline. Just see to it that its well planned and people are always informed and updated. I think the food was absolutely terrific. I laughed thinking of Smoke's blooper haha.... as in award ka talaga SMOKE, baka lola na siay ng mga bakla haha. It was nice to know you had such a great night and ey  sexymame  thanks for loyally texting me that night and keeping me posted about the party. To elchay user hope_jamero  your nick couldn't be any more obvious...

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Dear Aileen [Aug. 20th, 2005|02:07 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |contentcontent]
[music |say - michael buble]

Dear Aileen,

This one's for you bai.

I have taken into considerable account into writing you this entry. Not that you are obviously not making yourself active in this online activity, I know you are just silently witnessing the current of events. I must ask you how is my umbrella? I remembered the taxing effort that I have to deal with in asking for that umbrella on the day that I left. I am in fact not entitled to have in possession such an umbrella but in any means I seem to have obatained one. That is why I must tell you to think of the special value that object carries. It has been used onnce by me on a dreadfully drenched afternoon from Ortigas to Quezon Avenue. Then you askede for it on that very evening that I left. then I obediently obliged without thinking twice since rain is definitely scarce form where I am writing this note. So now I should be confident that this particular umbrella is in very good hands and may not be left unwavered or carelessly misappointed somewhere. Please watch for it and may you use it well when the rain falls on you my friend.

Take care and may fair weather be with you always in all the depths of the pages of your life and may my umbrella carry you through storms or be it a slight shower.

Your friend,


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Go Pirena! [Aug. 18th, 2005|02:58 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |fullfull]
[music |don't let me down - matchbox twenty]

This one's for you again Steve... go AMIHAN! Pics taken from rkr777...


...Chris, ENCANTADIA is so phenomenal in the world, they even want to come as ENCANTADIA characters this coming Holloween! They say the costume maker used to make for LOTR films...

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Adidas Antelopes [Aug. 18th, 2005|02:22 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |crankycranky]
[music |salvation jane - INXS]

STEVE these are the ADIDAS Antelopes... aren't they gorgeous? Well please get me a pair when you go to the mothership in Nuremburg GERMANY size 8 please! Chocolate brown like this one looks swell but the black and white combo is fine too if wala brown... Thanks will pay you when I'll get it... mwaahhh!

P.S.--- HOPE sayang di ko nakita si Chris mo when I went home... he'll be there sa Cyndi Lauper Night di ba? Hi to him nalang! Beso hehehe

Adidas Antelope pics taken from shoe_be_doo TY =)
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post whoring!!! [Aug. 18th, 2005|11:49 am]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |creative]
[music |old town - corrs]

I made a post in Yahoogroup earlier and it got lost, it wasn't post BLETCH! so here is my LOST POST just click me...Collapse )

Hey Anik here are my outfits that I wore at the office... what do you think? Guys what do you think are they to G-A- you know...?


oi the first outfit di ko sinuot sa office trial lang sa apartment hehehe... cute ba? well the purple shirt twice nag appear sorry hehehe =))... I like the last one kaya posted twice para kita collar... with "WILLY WONKA" Aviator sunglasses hehehe =))
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anik the certified FAG HAG [Aug. 17th, 2005|12:35 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...


ey Nik congrats to your being the newest and ceryfied FAG HAG... saw your pics at the Madonnathon pic gallery... you are so into the gay mainstream na!... as for me I have been trying to put myself in the map of the gay club scene in Manila but to no avail haha... gettiong on the pics at least BLETCH (partying almost every weekend at that)... but okay lang Steve wasn't seen even hahaha... I was actually looking for an elbow or a snapshot or something but to no avail (not that I could tell haha)... so here's the pic so is with Jet-Jet!!!

who's the guy by the way?

well madonnathon reviews based on the pics... wow ha too many hot gogo boys in GOVERNMENT! panis ang nasa BED wow... and Angel Locsin is there haha...

 not to mention girls that JEAN GARCIA was spotted twice in BED during weekdays (thursdays to be exact) and some Encantadia sitings too at BED like IZZA CALZADO and di papatalo si Campanera (go aileen)... ANNE CURTIS was seen at Bed too who by the way looks so plain amidst those gorgeous boys... will post some pics soon or check them out here...


we can post pics and photos and post some links... useful links at that NICE HUH?

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can't stop reading the posts... [Aug. 16th, 2005|01:03 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |awake]
[music |adante festivo sibillus - varios artists (clasiscal)]

GRABE NA TOH HA ANG DAMI POST WHICH IS FUN... letche tong work na to istorbo sa yahoo groups... missed being bored and all... we should have a sub committee Bored Yuppies Group with a Sub-sub Group Bored OFW Group (note OFW not OFW's LALA join me... well Lala will form Bored OFW on a Ship Group)... well okay lang sweldo naman today diba guys yey for sweldo!!! HAHAHA

LETCHE KA STEVE DUMBLEDORE DIED potah anobah haven't read pa book 5 and I knew na Sirius Black died... and I have heard somebody else died in book 6 so I was hoping na it would be Harry Potter who died... sana... oh well have to buy the paperback book 5 and book 6 (the adult bloomsburry edition)...

hay thanks Anik for observing my typo improvement... my workshop for typographically challenged people is paying off... we will be having group sessions this week HAHAHA... oh well lesson number one don't type too fast and one idea at a time... and proof read it and maybe have a draft first!

Anik how was Madonnathon... why JETJET is labelled na as Madonna? HAHA oh well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADONNA today... pips find me an mp3 of True Blue na song ni Lola Madonna and email to me please thank you... and Anik why the comment of Josef ha... close ba kami na he makes comments with a referrence to me ha... letch what does he mean I am so like Bing out of place??? I need a blow by blow account of the Madonnathon... the drinks, the music and of course the boys... ANIK I am so proud of you you're getting better at being a FAG HAG than being a bitch but Fashionista pa rin... welll thanks for checking out LJ... will change the color, can you suggest any?

Christine try mo LJ it's so fun for threading but sorry haven't nade a legit entry on that... will post soon and I hope you read it up... all about LJ but from now on Elchay na siya since LJ reminds you of LOLA... Elchaying na tayo galore. I have deadline but I am elchaying all I want. Let's read some elchays. Welcome to Elchay. Actually that's the fun in life... we can always turn somethiong absurd and obscure into something nice and pleasant. Actually my Elcahy friends are OK... peace na kami actually I have made more this week! Where are the pics? Try mo FLICKR or PHOTOSITE... !!!

I was reading up on today's post and since I am banned from answering the survey may comment nalang sa mga answers sa survey. Hay Steve so stricta ka ha party nga lang yan ha and ang dami rules. Ika nga ni Anik dami rules but wala nasusunod. But notice ko lang Anik is a willing follower like her ban that was lifted and she tried to impose it on herself still now self-imposed ban na siya... ok to Christine's answers... hay suya ko sa companion meaning hubby and all I wanna get married and they are young fab and in love... I want that too. I noticed there are two ways to answer the survey. Christine's way was point by point answer which was direct and concise while Hope's on the other hand is in paragraph/ post form. This second form made me laugh kasi like I will be with Chris, he is 27 years old... and also Anik's; I will be with JetJet and Josef both are 27 years old. HAHA this sound s so funny hehe. Keep it cool guys. Well according to Steve on our chat yesterday I am such an atrebida kuno... well go bongga sana kaya niyo mag badminton then party then GOVT then badminton whatever na kaya ma sched yan badminton na yan...

Anik train Hope to be a sporty fag hag kay she plays with the fags for badminton!

Pansin ko lang the party is in disguise for recruiting new PEYDERS... go PI haha PI ba talaga... hay mugna ni ni Steve... am afraid baka the new Peyders will replace the absentee Peyders...

hala Absentee Peyders meaning non metro peydres on the sattelite branches lets form a quick alliance of an UNDERGROUND PEYEDER MOVEMENT...

ciao... hay am so busy at work will post later mwaaahhh!!!



anik okay na ba the colors? you can post here people

here... post comments

my BLOG SITE... post comments hahaha

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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2005|05:06 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

[mood |super!!!]
[music |wild - time album "no more"]

to my well meaning fans

hello there guys... now I am posting here to bring you to LJ land. Well Alpha thanks for the the compliment hehe. Hey Ping trying to be comedy ka rin ha like me and Teods... that's alright... sige dry run ta sa HK... well everybody is leavinng actually the Philippines... am too tired to write... work is too damn making all these stres and pressure... I forgot to bring my blueberry muffins... now that I am hungry...

please comment on the info page == http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=peyders and the journal color scheme... == http://www.livejournal.com/community/peyders/ =)) if feel nyo na then sign in... http://www.livejournal.com/ =))
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2005|05:11 pm]
DEAR LOGGY secret society of the peyder duster...

hello pips join na Livejournal now we have a community here hehehe will yahoogroup how to start a livejournal thingy... ciao =)
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